FMS Skin Care



On this page we try to answer questions that have been asked concerning our products and services.

How can I contact you? See the Contact Us page or try Facebook or Twitter

I notice your product uses palm oil, is this from a sustainable source? Yes. Harrden Trading and FMS Products are totally committed to the future of our planet. So we only use Palm Oil from a recognized and sustainable source.

Which conditions can I use your creams for? We try to make recommendations on our product pages based on comments from a qualified source. However, please do not ask us for medical advice as we are not qualified to give this. Always speak to a medical professional before using our products. It is also true to say that underlying conditions differ greatly. Natural products contain no harmful additives or colorants.

Are your products safe to use? Our cream and balm have been independently tested by a qualified expert and declared safe to use. A full list of ingredients is listed against each product. If your have any allergies to these ingredients, please do not use them.

My Cream has dried up. Can I still use it? Yes. Warm it slowly and then leave to cool and it will be easy to apply once more.

Can I place an order if I do not have a PayPal account?  Yes. PayPal have an option to pay as a guest.