FMS Skin Care


“I’m very pleased with the product.  I remember FMS as a child in the seventies when we used it for cuts, burns, stings and scalds etc and it always worked.  I’m currently using FMS cream for a lip problem which the doctor is struggling to cure, It is certainly helping.”  BL

“Always  love FMS … it is excellent for many things!” SB

“I had this product as a small child from a local lady in Codsall .
it healed my eczema and have now used it on my Psoriasis it has worked in the same way . It is an excellent product !” – Amazon Buyer

“This is the most wonderful cream, it soothes cuts and infected areas, hydrates and moisturizes and is a must to have in your 1st aid box, it just says seems good for everything!” – Amazon Buyer

“I Must say it’s the best cream I’ve ever used. I can’t believe how well it works on me, my skin feels great even now!” – DF, Merseyside.

“From the first time I started to use FMS i realised I had found something effective. It soothed and calmed the rosacea immediately. I now use it on a daily basis.” – JP, Derbyshire

“What a wonderful product and so pleased we have found it again.” – DE, West Midlands

“A kind friend sent me some salve called FMS ointment and the ulcer healed within two weeks so that i could go back to work.” – Anon, USA

“My sister has a fungus and eczema. She has been to many doctors and used many products. The FMS Cream stopped it overnight.” – Anon, Malaga, Spain

“I have, with good luck, used FMS cream on my right arm which was scalded. In the evening there was only a little mark where I had been scalded. The pain had also gone.” – JPG, Berkshire

“A friend gave me some FMS and it has healed a toe, which doctors said would need to be amputated” – Anon, Cork, Ireland.

“I am so relieved to have a new jar of the balm, which has been so helpful and seems to be the only thing that helps my arthritis apart from pain killers.” – FN, Torquay

“The Balm works miracles!” – Anon, Wirral

“Amazing cream, really helped a raw burn to heal. No scaring!!” RT